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Feature Gates


Feature gates are a set of key=value pairs that describe alpha or experimental features and can be turned on or off by specifying the key=value pair in the arguments list when launching the Service Catalog executable. A new feature gate should be created when introducing new features that may break existing functionality or introduce instability.

The following table is a summary of the feature gates that you can set on different versions of Service Catalog.

Feature Default Stage Since Until
AsyncBindingOperations false Alpha v0.1.7  
NamespacedServiceBroker false Alpha v0.1.10 v0.1.28
NamespacedServiceBroker true Alpha v0.1.29 v0.1.43
NamespacedServiceBroker true GA v0.2.0  
OriginatingIdentity false Alpha v0.1.7 v0.1.29
OriginatingIdentity true GA v0.1.30  
OriginatingIdentityLocking true Alpha v0.1.14  
PodPreset false Alpha v0.1.6  
ServicePlanDefaults false Alpha v0.1.32  
UpdateDashboardURL false Alpha v0.1.13  
CascadingDeletion false Alpha v0.3.0  

Using a Feature

Feature Stages

A feature can be in Alpha, Beta or GA stage. An Alpha feature means:

A Beta feature means:

Note: Please do try Beta features and give feedback on them! After they exit beta, it may not be practical for us to make more changes.

A GA feature is also referred to as a stable feature. It means:

Feature Gates

Each feature gate is designed for enabling/disabling a specific feature:

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