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This page is an index for the articles in here. We recommend you start by reading the introduction, and then move on to the installation instructions. After you install, see our walkthrough document to get started using Service Catalog.

Afterward, see the topics below.

Note: Between versions 0.2.0 and 0.3.0, Service Catalog changed its internal storage mechanism. Versions 0.2.0 and older used its own API Server and etcd.

Starting from version 0.3.0, Service Catalogs moved to a solution based on Custom Resource Definitions, which is a native K8S feature.

The API Server implementation will be supported by providing bug fixes for the next 9 months.

Topics for users:

Topics for developers:

Topics for operators:

Request for Comments

As Service Catalog is in beta, we are collecting use-cases as issues. Please file an issue and bring it up in the weekly meeting.