Kubernetes Service Catalog

Bringing the Cloud Back Into Your Cluster
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Service Catalog lets you provision cloud services directly from the comfort of native Kubernetes tooling.

Bring the cloud into your cluster and manage everything in "easy mode". Craft a set of manifests that define your application, the services that it relies upon, and seamlessly connect the two.

Cluster Meets Cloud

Service Catalog translates that manifest into a request to your cloud's service broker, provisioning resources on your behalf and injecting the credentials back into your containers.

Open Standards

Service Catalog speaks the language of the Open Service Broker API,
placing the world of cloud-native services at your command.

Service Catalog Features

Cloud Native Services

Your cloud native apps deserve a cloud native cluster. Provision managed services from your cloud provider directly from native Kubernetes tooling.

Smart Secrets

Credentials are parsed and injected into Kubernetes secrets, ready for your app to load as environment variables.

Powerful Configuration

The same configuration options that you see in your cloud portal are available for configuration through Service Catalog.

Open Service Broker Compatible

Every major cloud provider supports the Open Service Broker standards, so regardless of who's powering your cluster, you will be able to tap into the full suite of services.

Vibrant Community

Service Catalog is a Kubernetes Special Interest Group (SIG) and is an official incubator project. Lead by a group of developers spanning Microsoft, Google, RedHat and IBM, we are releasing regularly and have many active contributors from the wider community.

Operator Friendly

Install a broker at the cluster level or in a single namespace, control which services you'd like to make available, and provide sensible defaults for provisioning cloud services.